My Blog Garden

My “Blog Garden” is what I have started calling all my blogs.  I love gardening, and having the nickname of a flower (Rose), I can’t help but love flowers and gardens.  Just like with any garden, I put a ton of care and love into my blogs, because I genuinely love blogging.

To keep it simple, I’ll list my various blogs, or blogs I contribute to, and a brief description for each.  Please feel free to visit any blog that looks interesting!

personal blogs banner 1

The first three are my more…personal blogs.  They are candid, goofy, personal, and more about me.  They aren’t professional, and won’t ever be.

Fluttering Rose Petals/Fluttering Rose: This is my inspirational/entertainment/celebrity/motivational blog.  Basically, I share anything I find inspirational, motivational, and fun.  I also use this one for my outlet on celebrities, news, gossip, and general entertainment.  Basically, an entertainment blog.  I’ve got a Blogspot version as well, and am currently testing out each, so see which site I prefer.  Blogger vs WordPress – we’ll see who wins 😉

Pandora Phoenix Rose: This one is my more bold blog.  I’m opinionated, honest, blunt, sarcastic, and bold.  Or at least, I try to be.  It’s one side of me I’m trying my best to grow, and break myself out of my comfort zone.  Which is in a hole 😛  I’ve got a Blogspot version of this one as well, to test out. (I’ve stopped writing on this set of blogs much, for the moment.)

Life Inside A Timid Mind: This is the other side of me – the timid side.  I’m vulnerable, shy, meek, and timid.  Same sort of topics, but a much different take.  It’s the side of me I’ve given into my whole life, and am trying to break out of.  I still need an outlet though, for my fears and timid mind to let go of and grow.  Surprise! There’s a Blogspot version of this one as well 🙂

DRL banner 1

Desert Rose Lifestyles is the umbrella company I started with my husband.  Under it, we have blogs for every topic we can think to write about.  We have our main Lifestyles website and a blog, and each topic has it’s own blog.

Desert Rose Reviews: A professional-ish book blog with reviews, book spotlights, interviews and more!

Desert Rose: UnPlugged: a un-professional (ie: fun) version of our book blog, mainly.  It’s our unplugged version of everything else we do – more candid, fun and sarcastic.  Mostly focused on books, but music and movie posts pop up from time to time.

Desert Rose Movies: All about movies!

Desert Rose Music: All about music!

Desert Rose Recipes: All about food!  Glorious food! 😉

Desert Rose Animals: All about animals!

Zen Beetles: All about VW Aircooled Beetles, Super Beetles & Bajas! Slug-bugs & punch-buggies are back!

Coming Soon!

Art, Photography, Cars/Trucks, and More!


I love to hear what people think, so please leave a comment!

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