Gunky Days

Hey guys, how are you?  Hopefully good.

Me, I’m doing…so so.  My hormone therapy is difficult at the moment.  I have good spells, and I have bad spells.  Good days, and bad ones.

Then there are the days like today, where it’s stuck somewhere in the gunk between good and bad.  I wish it could be good, and fear it slipping into bad.  Blech.

Writing this though, I realize I haven’t even explained why I am going through hormone therapy hell.  It’s probably something I need to talk about, since it’s now causing butterflies in my stomach, thinking about it.  I’m afraid of it, and since my goal in life is to face any fear I find, I think I’m going to start a set of posts about why I keep talking about hormones.

Putting myself out there is hard, but I’m seeing more and more women doing it recently, especially with what I’m dealing with.  Their courage is giving me more courage.  At the same time, I wish I had a while ago, so I could give other women courage as well.

Better late than never =)

For today though, it’s a foggy, yucky, aching day, that isn’t quite bad, but not quite good either.  Maybe some chocolate will make it a little better.  Or a goofy cat video 😉



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