Legal Wedding Anniversary, 2015

So, yesterday was my legal wedding anniversary with my hubby.

minions whoo hoo

I specify legal, because technically, we eloped.  In May several years ago, we decided to do things our way, and got married.  A few months later, we made it legal, so he could claim me as a dependent for the military.  We celebrate our wedding anniversary in May, but always stop to appreciate the day we made it legal.

aladdin genie applause

It got me thinking though – if we ever decided to do a vow renewal (something we’ve always talked about), which day would we choose?  Would we choose another day altogether?  Should we let the July date drop, since it doesn’t matter much to us?  Should that date matter more to us than it does?

I usually think the same things every year, and after a few days, forget about it, and move on with our life.  I can already feel myself shifting past the point of caring enough to answer and of those questions, and highly doubt this will be the year any of them get answered.

emperor's new groove kronk eezma shrug

Really, it all comes down to this: I’m glad we’re married, and it’s nice to have a legal paper saying so.  That’s all it is – a piece of paper signifying the government’s stamp of approval, but still.  It’s official some how 🙂

So, in the end, this year is the same as all the years past.  Happy Anniversary, Ken!  I’d make all the same choices over again, and can’t wait for more adventures to come 🙂  Love you.

minion hug



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