Feeling Overwhelmed, Blah, and Generally Meh

I’m having such a blah rut.  I’m overwhelmed, and there’s not really a way out, other than to keep trudging on.

We all get like that, right?  I hope so…I hope it’s not just me.

I keep trying to give myself pep-talks.  “Keep soldiering on, girl!  You can do it!”

 You Can Do It!

Because really, there’s a ton of stuff on my shoulders.  I know, everyone has stuff on their shoulders, and in the grand scheme of things, my stuff is pretty minimal.  In my life though, for me, it’s overwhelming.  Others could and do handle it just fine, and that’s awesome!  I’m tired though, and getting tired of treading waves.

 We're Dead!

Every day, I’ve got a ton to do.  My guys need me constantly.  Housework and chores pile up.  Work won’t get done unless I do it.  Books won’t write themselves.  Dishes won’t clean themselves, and animals won’t take care of themselves.  It’s up to me.  I’m the housewife, trying to build up a couple of businesses.  I asked for it, I’m just not enjoying it at the moment.  I will, and it’ll be worth it…I hope.

 Nervous Frustrated

What do you do, to pick yourself up?  How do you keep motivated?  Do you feel overwhelmed often, or are you one of those peppy people who have a seemingly perfect life?  Let me know – I love comments!

Thanks for reading.  It helps to have an outlet 😉

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