Let Me Explain Something…

I know basically no one gives a flying f*ck about me or my blogs.  I know I’ve made a bunch of blogs that hardly anyone will ever notice.  I’m ok with that.  I’m blogging for me, as an outlet for myself.  I started so many different blogs because, well, I have a ton of shit to say, on tons of different topics, and one blog just won’t hold it all together.  Two blogs won’t even hold it all together.  I’m a passionate person, with a hurricane of a personality.  I need an outlet – lots of them.

So basically, that’s what I’m doing.  That’s what I’ve always done, and it’s what I’ll always do.

do not question us

I’ve been blogging since before I hit my teen years.  When I was younger, I ran a few blogs, and absolutely loved it.  I didn’t care about followers or page views, or anything else that people seem to talk about all the time now.  SEO meant nothing – blogging was just an outlet, and I loved to write.

My blogs evolved into a magazine, and I had that going for a year, until I got married.  Once we were ready to start our life together, I put blogging and writing on hold.  I had the desire to start it up again constantly, and couldn’t wait until I could.

monsters 2 impatient in line

Several years passed until I was able to get back into it again, and I started blogging with a Book Blog.  That, unfortunately, got me into the other parts of blogging I never cared about – page views, follower counts, SEO, etc.  For that blog, that’s fine.  I need to keep that up, to keep up book promotions, and the other obligations I’ve agreed to, and don’t mind doing.

j.law no patience

I still need my outlets though.  So, I started a blog.  Then another.  Then a company to umbrella a bunch of different blogs and sites – one I hope to eventually turn into another magazine of sorts.  Then I started some other blogs that were detached from the company (Desert Rose).  I’ll be running them all – quite happily.

emma stone smile two thumbs up

I’m starting over, and re-doing what I did when I was younger.  Only this time, I’m doing it with more experience.  With more to say.  As an adult, not a budding adult.  With drive, experienced passion, and the knowledge that I can, because I already did.  I paved this road once before, and dang it, I’ll do it again.  I’ll re-page that S.O.B. and make it smooth as silk.

cute confident nod smile

I don’t really care who reads this, I just wrote it for me.  To remind myself why I’m doing this.  That I’m not wasting my time.  This is one of my passions, and I’d rather be doing something I love, even if no one notices, rather than be stuck in a job I hate.  Maybe God will bless it with growth, and maybe He’ll bless it with self-growth, for me.  Who knows.  Either way, I’m happy to be doing this.  I love my blogs.  I love designing websites.  I love writing.  And I love anyone who takes the time to read my stuff, and just give a shit.  So if you did, if you do – thank you.

s. gomez teary eyed thank you

If not, well, so long, and thanks for all the fish! 😉


k.den i'm awesome who cares



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