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Let Me Explain Something…

I know basically no one gives a flying f*ck about me or my blogs.  I know I’ve made a bunch of blogs that hardly anyone will ever notice.  I’m ok with that.  I’m blogging for me, as an outlet for myself.  I started so many different blogs because, well, I have a ton of shit to say, on tons of different topics, and one blog just won’t hold it all together.  Two blogs won’t even hold it all together.  I’m a passionate person, with a hurricane of a personality.  I need an outlet – lots of them.

So basically, that’s what I’m doing.  That’s what I’ve always done, and it’s what I’ll always do.

do not question us

I’ve been blogging since before I hit my teen years.  When I was younger, I ran a few blogs, and absolutely loved it.  I didn’t care about followers or page views, or anything else that people seem to talk about all the time now.  SEO meant nothing – blogging was just an outlet, and I loved to write.

My blogs evolved into a magazine, and I had that going for a year, until I got married.  Once we were ready to start our life together, I put blogging and writing on hold.  I had the desire to start it up again constantly, and couldn’t wait until I could.

monsters 2 impatient in line

Several years passed until I was able to get back into it again, and I started blogging with a Book Blog.  That, unfortunately, got me into the other parts of blogging I never cared about – page views, follower counts, SEO, etc.  For that blog, that’s fine.  I need to keep that up, to keep up book promotions, and the other obligations I’ve agreed to, and don’t mind doing. no patience

I still need my outlets though.  So, I started a blog.  Then another.  Then a company to umbrella a bunch of different blogs and sites – one I hope to eventually turn into another magazine of sorts.  Then I started some other blogs that were detached from the company (Desert Rose).  I’ll be running them all – quite happily.

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I’m starting over, and re-doing what I did when I was younger.  Only this time, I’m doing it with more experience.  With more to say.  As an adult, not a budding adult.  With drive, experienced passion, and the knowledge that I can, because I already did.  I paved this road once before, and dang it, I’ll do it again.  I’ll re-page that S.O.B. and make it smooth as silk.

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I don’t really care who reads this, I just wrote it for me.  To remind myself why I’m doing this.  That I’m not wasting my time.  This is one of my passions, and I’d rather be doing something I love, even if no one notices, rather than be stuck in a job I hate.  Maybe God will bless it with growth, and maybe He’ll bless it with self-growth, for me.  Who knows.  Either way, I’m happy to be doing this.  I love my blogs.  I love designing websites.  I love writing.  And I love anyone who takes the time to read my stuff, and just give a shit.  So if you did, if you do – thank you.

s. gomez teary eyed thank you

If not, well, so long, and thanks for all the fish! 😉


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Is #MarriageEquality Actually Marriage Equality?

Marriage Equality USA logo

Marriage Equality USA logo (Wikipedia)

Same-sex marriages are now legal nationwide. The hashtag and term that’s been married (hehe) with this cause, is “marriage equality.”

Something that keeps needling me is this: is it truly marriage equality, or is it simply legalizing same-sex marriage?

Is it done now? Is the movement over?

Homosexuals aren’t the only people who have had their marriage desires denied. Seems to me that it (marriage equality) is either a term that doesn’t truly fit the goal, or it is a movement that will extend beyond one group of oppressed people, and soon we will move on to finding justice for other people who want marriage equality for themselves as well.

Do you think the “marriage equality” movement will extend beyond same-sex marriages, and truly be marriage equality? If so, how?


Tired of Feeling Tired.

So, I’m still not sure what I’m going to be using this blog for.  I may use it as a general landing site for all my other stuff.  I may use it as an online journal, and way to connect with other people outside any of my brands.  I’m just not sure yet.

For now, I just need an outlet.  I’m going to be posting this on my other blogs as well, so I may as well post it here too.

Basically, I’m tired of being tired.  I’m tired of feeling fatigued.  I’m tired of having to rely on energy drinks to simply stay awake.

Like, even now.  I’m drinking an energy drink mixed with orange soda and Mt. Dew, and I’m still struggling to keep my eyes open.  I know what some of you may think – drinking that crap isn’t good for you, and will make your body sluggish after a while.  That is true, and I totally agree.  I would rather not drink any of it.  I’d prefer to stick to water, green tea and juice.

Here’s the thing – when I do that, I fall asleep.  See, I’m narcoleptic.  To fight that, I stay as buzzed as possible.  It doesn’t always fix everything, and I still konk out from time to time, which sucks.  Loosing a few minutes, a half our, even an hour or two randomly sucks.  Especially when I work from home :/

That’s what I’m feeling today.  I’m tired, on top of my sleep issues.  I can barely stay awake, and have to rely on crap to keep me alert.  I have to work.  I have to keep building up my businesses, and make money.

I’m just tired of being tired.

Rosalia Isabella Home Blog!

Well, I’ve gone and done it now!  I’ve got my own blog, name and all.  Still figuring out how I’m going to use this blog, but at least for now, I have it.  This should be fun 😉

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